Meet your Pack Leaders!


Meet Loki! He’s head Trail Potato (just look at him!). Loki is a 2.5 year old Corgi that loves to nap, eat and pretend to walk on the trails. But mostly he just sploots and falls asleep on the ground. His humans are Jeff and Stephanie. Hes the happiest pup you will ever meet, and makes a great triathlon spectator (as long as you are ok carrying him back to the car after its over!). Loki cant wait to meet all of you.

P.S he loves it when you scratch his neck floof!


This is Charlie! His humans are also Stephanie and Jeff. He’s new to the pack, and is still figuring out the world. He’s his happiest running on the Michael Emery trail, chewing on pig ears, stealing your laundry and chewing a hole in it, and in general being the sweetest, spaziest mini aussie mix.


My name is Jeff Linkus and I’ve been a triathlete 2007 and started with a night of drinking, bragging, and being held to those boasts after sobering up. Over those 10 years I’ve done 4 Ironman, 2 ultra trail runs, several grand fondo’s, and lots of 70.3 and shorter tri’s. All distances have their appeal and challenges but at the moment trail running and mountain biking have my interest.

I started with Team In Training and have been on various teams and tri clubs in the 3 major cities my wife, Stephanie, and I have lived in. This has offered a good variety of people and team dynamics. I’m excited to share my experience as well as learn from everyone on the team.

My name is Christopher Munoz, I have been participating in Triathlons for 6 years. Triathlon helped me loose over 100lbs! I have participated in Ironman Arizona and Ironman Canada. Countless 70.3, Olympic and sprint races. I love tinkering with bikes. Currently i’m training for Boulder 70.3 and CIM! I look forward to getting to you and putting in some Trail dog miles next to you


My name is Stephanie (Melkonian) Linkus and I’ve been participating in triathlon for 13 years (when did THAT happen?). My husband, Jeff and I moved to New Mexico recently by way of Houston, and Chicago before that, and we’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the triathlon community everywhere we’ve moved. My first triathlon was the Chicago tri, which I did mainly because my mom told me I couldn’t. Famous last words.

Since then, I’ve completed 8 Ironman, and more 70.3 and short course races than I care to go back and count. I’ve also dabbled in a little Ultra trail running (up to 50 miles, so far) which is AMAZING. I like to joke that I’m not particularly good at any one sport, which makes me a decent triathlete 🙂

I love triathlon and all the amazing experiences I’ve had because of it. I can’t wait to help the sport grow in the Albuquerque area and get to know more local triathletes!


My name is Sandy. Most just call me Stinky or Stinkerbell. My humans are Rachael and Ryan. I’m the head trail dog up in here. Not to brag, but I’m the inspiration for the club name. I like to wreck the trails and bring out the wild in all those around me. Ask Loki and Charlie. I run anywhere from 50-70 miles a week and it’s never enough. My swimming is a work in progress and my owners have yet to buy me a bike. I’ll be your number one fan and give you tons of slobbery kisses at the finish line! Salty, sweaty legs are my favorite. Take me for a run!


My name is Ryan LaChapelle. I’ve been participating in triathlon since 2015, my first race was the City of Lakes Triathlon, Olympic Distance. I’ve completed a handful of triathlons (Sprint distance to 70.3 distance) and quite a few running races (from 5k to 50k!) since then.
I grew up in Alaska – where the opportunities for cycling and swimming are pretty limited. I participated in almost every team sport growing up but never focused specifically on endurance sports. The challenges associated with endurance sport have been a great learning experience and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I’m excited to be part of an active group that works together to accomplish their goals.


My name is Rachael Greuber. I’m pretty new to the sport and did my first Triathlon at Lobo Tri in 2016. I’ve been a competitive runner for ten years and have loved learning two new sports! Since Lobo in 2016, I’ve competed in 1 other sprint, 1 Olympic, and 2 Half Ironmans. My next triathlon is City of Lakes Olympic and Boulder 70.3 in August.

I’m super excited to have a team to train with and race for. Looking forward to workouts with you all!