Become a Trail Dog!

We’d love to have you join Trail Dog pack! Member benefits include a broad range group events: tri specific clinics, open water swims, vehicle supported long rides, group bike interval workouts, weekly social rides, nutrition/hydration supported long runs, group track workouts, race support (Trail Dogs that aren’t racing to photograph, cheer, and guard your gear bag while you’re on the course!), and regular social events that don’t require getting sweaty! As The Pack grows we’ll be building a repository of tri gear for club members to use for races, things like wetsuits, aero helmets, and all of the expensive tri goodies that are tough for beginners or folks on a budget to get their hands on. Our local and national partnerships are constantly growing and these groups will provide discounts, clinics, and other related perks for Trail Dogs.

New Members

Once you’re ready to join, take the time to fill out the survey thoroughly so we can get to know you better! Click here to take the member survey!

The member dues for 2019 are $100, please pay after completing the member survey. 

****** NOTE******If You are paying after 7/29/19 dues are $40 dollars for the year through January

Returning Members

If you are a returning member the dues for 2019 are $80, please fill out the returning member survey and please click here to pay dues.


Introduce yourself on the group Facebook page and find The Pack on Instagram and Strava!